PLAYING four games in six days is tough for the players, three of them on away ice is extra tough for the fans. So first a big thank you to all the fans who have been cheering us on in Guildford and Swindon.

Our last away game was played last night in Milton Keynes, so you’ll know as you read this if we’ve managed to pick up six points out of a possible eight. That’s what we’re hoping for.

As I write, we have won 19 of our 22 home games and 13 of our 23 away fixtures.

We won both our games against Swindon, home and away, but they were very different games.

At home, we were pleased to add to our ever-increasing number of shut-outs.

It was also pleasing to give our young players so much ice time.

The fans enjoy watching them as they develop their skills against senior opposition.

Sunday in Swindon went to overtime. Points are always more difficult to gain away from home, so it was great to see Ryan Sutton and Daniel Lackey stepping up to battle for a win alongside their team-mates.

We went down 4-0 against Guildford, despite creating lots of chances.

Our last league game of the season will be against them and that should be a sell-out.

If you want your first taste of Saturday Night Hockey, we’re back on home ice this Saturday as we conclude our mini-series against Sheffield.

All of the games against them this season have been intense and some have been high-scoring.

Then it’s up the road to play our last league game against local rivals at Bracknell on Sunday.

Whatever problems they’ve had off-ice this season, we know how much they enjoy trying to beat the Bison!