HERE we are now in September and still searching for our first win of the season.

It’s been a very frustrating start. Some performances have been very good, whilst others have been below the level the players have set.

It is important that everyone continues to believe in what we are doing and the corner will be turned.

We have a squad of talented players. We need to continue to work hard and make sure we stick together.

I appreciate the frustrations of supporters and accept any criticism that comes our way.

As someone said to me this week: “You were not a good manager last year and you’re not a bad manager this year.”

This is so true. I’m an honest person and last season there were definite areas for improvement in my performance.

This season is no different. I am learning all of the time, as all managers do.

Each game brings different challenges and each decision brings extra scrutiny if the result doesn’t go the right way.

There are a lot of factors to consider, but no matter how many questions I am asked about my decisions by the crowd, believe me when I say I am questioning and justifying those decisions to myself a hundred times more.

I am responsible for results. I am responsible for the supporters leaving the ground after the final whistle happy. I accept that I have not hit those targets enough this season, but the hard work will continue 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get things right.

I just ask one thing. Please back the players. Support them even more through times like we are experiencing at the moment.

They will repay you with goals, wins, enjoyment and pride.