AFTER falling just short in the play-offs, we can reflect on what has been a great season for the club.

There are so many good memories and achievements individually and collectively.

The players have stepped up to the mark this season and have been an absolute joy to work with.

The dedication each has shown to training and playing has been superb all season and they deserve a huge amount of credit.

As much as we can look back and enjoy a good season, it is important that we don’t settle for it.

We must now use the experiences and platform built to progress next season.

Last season is now just a memory.

We need to focus collectively on consistently being a side that people associate with success.

We must make sure that next year we are stronger, better prepared and improve.

If we fall short in these areas then this season will have counted for nothing.

I finish this column, which is my last for a couple of months, by thanking everyone for their support this season.

The number of fans have grown both home and away and the volume levels were deafening at times!

I hope you all enjoyed the season and I look forward to your continued support next year as we look to take further strides forward together.

Thank you once again.