PLANS for a new 64-home estate in Swanmore have been approved.

The application had been looming over the heads of residents since 2019.

But following a Winchester City Council planning committee, the scheme has been approved – despite receiving 40 objections.

Councillors addressed concerns about traffic and the environment at the site, which is just a stone's throw from Swanmore College.

By the end of debate, all eight members of the committee were in agreement and unanimously approved the plans.

Cllr Anne Weir said: "This is a substantial development, which is part of our existing local plan to develop housing. But I do have concerns over the lack of future proofing.

"I appreciate there has been a lot of work and investment to make this a suitable development, but residents could be moving into housing that does not look at the next 40 to 50 years and the enormous changes that are to come in response to climate change."

The scheme consists of 60 dwellings and four flats off New Road, and will be developed by Persimmon Homes. The company has been represented by Gregg Allison throughout the planning process.

Civic chiefs handed a hefty list of conditions that must be followed whilst working on the scheme. One states that work must start within the next three years.

Cllr Jane Rutter said: "Nobody has said anything about the affordable housing. I'm delighted to see it's nearly 40 per cent affordable and I welcome that.

"I welcome the increased permeability of the site. I hope the developer and the county council can talk to the parish council and come to an agreement on a new roundabout in New Road, as well as other traffic calming measures to benefit the estate and the college, as well as just giving dosh, to actually try and resolve the issues.

"This will help everyone including the residents on this new estate."

No public objectors spoke at the meeting.

Previously, Jasmine Kendall, of Olivet Villas in Winchester Road, had written to the city council: "With all the new housing estates being built in the local area, the roads are chaos with children being knocked down all over the place, the schools - especially Swanmore Secondary must be struggling with the influx of kids already so where are more kids supposed to go?

"We choose to live in the countryside for the peace, quiet and the views, but we are slowly losing every single green space around us. This needs to stop!"