THE artist responsible for murals across Winchester has created a new piece, this time encouraging support for local independent businesses.

Yesterday the latest artwork by Hendog appeared at the High Street of St Thomas Street. It shows a child playing with multi-coloured building blocks, constructing a wall.

A post on the Hendog’s Instagram said: “A city that was built on dreams.

“In my lifetime there has never been a more important time to support local independent businesses. A market controlled by few is good for no one, let’s keep the dream alive.”

It is the fifth mural from the artist who has been dubbed the "Winchester Banksy" which has sprung up in the city this year.

Their last piece was created as a memorial for local musician Simon ‘Denn’ Goodwin. It was painted on a wall in the garden of the Railway Inn.

Before that Hendog’s artwork appeared on the Community Food Pantry at Unit 12 in Winnall and at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital. Their first mural this year was on a wall near the Handlebar Café.