BEAUTY spots in Hampshire are being used by 'doggers' according to websites advertising meetups.

Some of the spots on the lists are well know for being enjoyed by families on day trips but at night, particularly at weekends, they are being used as a rendezvous spot for those who partake in ‘dogging’.Superuser

The activity is described as the practice of watching or engaging in exhibitionist sexual activity in a public place, and there are several adult websites where exhibitionists rate and review the spots, and explain exactly where to rendezvous to avoid public detection.

Dogging, sexual activity in public or watching others engage in sexual activity in public, is not banned under a specific law in the UK, but people who get caught can be charged under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 with public lewdness and indecent exposure.

The website “” has published a list of all the place in Hampshire that its users have recommended- but you may want to avoid them late at night.

Southampton Common

Basingstoke Gazette: Google street viewGoogle street view

This spot proved popular, with users mentioning it more than once. One website user recommended Tuesday evening for couples who want to use the cemetery for ‘fun’.

Another wrote: “Lots of action in the surrounding bushes and grass areas, with lots of action in cars also. Very heavy gay scene, but lots of dogging too. Any night, all night, but weekends are better, even at three or four in the morning after the clubs kick out.”

Portsdown Hill

The most popular spot by far, with multiple mentions across the website, is Portsdown Hill.

One reviewer said: “These trees have some good action during the day, either to watch or join in, whatever you want.”

But they warned potential visitors to ‘not expect any girls’, another called the spot ‘very interesting’ stating there is ‘frequent dogging action’.

Shave Wood, Cadnam

An anonymous user called this the ‘perfect area designed for dogging ’ stating that the wooded area has plenty of hidden and not so hidden pathways as well as a parking area.

Yateley Common, East Hampshire

Basingstoke Gazette: Google Street ViewGoogle Street View

This area is apparently used both day and night by mostly gay or bisexual men, according to one review. The user said: “It's secluded as well and there are wooded areas that you can go to, around 5 - 6 o'clock is quite good as businessmen tend to come in for a quicky.”

Lime Pit, Basingstoke

One user recommends visiting this area at dusk and looking out for flashing interior lights.

They said: “Two carparks on right although second car park is better for size and privacy. Lots of wooded and enclosed places to go and do the business.”

Morgaston Woods, Basinsgtoke

Another spot in Basingstoke appeared on the website. The reviewer said: “There is a path nearby into the woods which is secluded and very quiet. Best time to go is at night time and very early morning.”

Woodmill Car Park, Southampton

This area is apparently good every night of the week from 10.30pm. One regular visitor said there was a god mix of both males and females and that ‘BDSM action’ takes place in the woods near to the River.

Acres Down, New Forest

This New Forest Beauty spot was recommended with one frequenter writing: “Hidden in the middle of the forest down a country lane, the car park is surrounded by trees and bushes and you can normally see couples lying on the hill doing various things. It’s very secluded and only just enough light to see what is going on but not enough to feel threatened at all.”