SIR: There is growing concern about the increase in deforestation; which we are informed is due to the demand for food. Both for meat eaters and vegans. Why is this? If there are other countries like that of the UK who import around 60-70 per cent of their foods, then it is putting pressure on other countries; in parts of the world; to cope with this demand.

So, are we accelerating this problem here in the UK? Well, yes we are, more than anyone will admit. Environmentalists want parts of farm land reverted back to nature; increase in development, and of course the energy companies. They state they are good for the environment because they are producing renewable energy; but at what cost? Solar panel farms and wind farms taking up valuable land that could produce more of our food and help stop deforestation increasing further. Before comments on helping the environment are stated, think carefully of any impact on other parts of the world, which is increasing deforestation, so let’s see every one get their act together and carry out their promise and not acts increasing climate change.

Geoff N Barrett,

Nicholson Place,