SIR: Is it really any surprise the arrogance, greed and utter contempt shown to football fans by the elitist grabbing foreign-owned clubs? Even the instigators’ statement released during the night for their US audience - that says it all. The rot set in as far back as Jimmy Hill and the minimum wage followed by the set up of the Premier League. Money in football today is as destructive as drugs in athletics and cycling! It creates an unfair playing field which has resulted in this wretched super league. We as fans have to accept some responsibility of allowing these foreign owners from taking over our clubs, but enough is enough and now fans have the chance to stop this in its tracks. - boycott every game and players need to man-up and refuse to play.

Let’s see how principled they are. Or are they more concerned about the Porsche in their pocket? It is no surprise that these six clubs have debts of two billion pounds between them and obviously see the paying public as customers, not fans. Kick them out of ALL cup competitions NOW and expelled them from the Premiership and allow six teams from the Championship to take their place via promotion over the next three years. Ditto for divisions one and two etc. Myself and many other fans find more enjoyment now in non-league. Let’s get this league playing in the summer!

John Airey,

Mortimer Close,

Kings Worthy

Letter editor’s note: This letter was written before the scheme collapsed, for the time being.