SIR: I must congratulate Sir George Hollingbery on his appointment as British Ambassador to Cuba (Chronicle, February 4). Quite a shock, I must admit. In fact, given my comparable lack of diplomatic experience, I wish I’d applied for the job myself.

Seriously though, I expect him to use any skills acquired as a minister at the Department for International Trade to develop a productive relationship with the Cuban Government. I would also hope his experience of “rough and tumble” at Alresford Town Council will equip him to withstand any pressure from his US counterparts. Maybe by the time he takes up his post, President Biden will have removed Cuba from Trump’s last gasp “terrorist” list, ended the US blockade and closed down Guantanamo Bay. Or then again maybe not.

In the meantime, if George is not too busy brushing up his Cuban Spanish and honing his mojito-making skills, he should get in touch with the Cuba Solidarity Campaign to request a briefing to balance those he’s likely to get from the Foreign Office.

Karen Barratt,

Byron Avenue,