Bishop's Waltham

19/02436/FUL, Mr P Clark, installation of two A/C condensing units, Claylands Park, Unit 5 Claylands Road.

20/00017/TPO, Mrs Forsdyke, various tree works, 24 Ashton Close.


19/02774/HOU, 19/02775/LDP, Scott Bailey, erection of a single-storey timber 'granny annexe' for ancillary use to the main dwelling, and siting of a mobile home, Strawberry Barn, Southwick Road, North Boarhunt.


20/00022/TPC, Vincent Golding, various tree works, 2 Yard Cottages, School Lane.

Compton and Shawford

19/02795/HOU, Mr & Mrs Gary / Jo Fowle / Curtis, single-storey flat roof side extension to the west containing a new kitchen/living/dining room and proposed single-storey pitched roof extension to the east containing a new entrance hall and connection to the garage; internal remodelling of the existing ground floor area; associated hard and soft landscaping, Dairy Cottage, Shepherds Lane, Compton.


19/02692/HOU, Mr and Mrs Campbell, single-storey rear extension, Clouds Hill, 2 Long Park Lane.

19/02782/HOU, Lucy Bennett, new brick garden wall, Northwood Lodge, Northwood Park, Sparsholt.


19/02809/HOU, Mr and Mrs Legg, single-storey side extension and new front bay window, Meadowside, Outlands Lane.

19/02824/LDC, Dinsdale, Residential C3, Brackenfield, Wangfield Lane.

19/02828/FUL, no applicant listed, replacement of existing conservatory and extension with new extensions, The White House, Vicarage Lane.


19/02687/HOU, Mr Davis, replacement of existing conservatory with new orangery, 30 Meredun Close.

Kings Worthy

19/02761/HOU, Ed Gower, rear single-storey extension to a semi-detached house. The rear extension will provide a new dining area and kitchen, whilst the existing kitchen will be turned into a playroom. This will give the family home more space for future growth, 80 Lovedon Lane.

19/02786/HOU, Mr and Mrs A Prout, single-storey side extension and elevational alterations, Tillingham, Legion Lane.


19/02716/FUL, Mr M Ashworth, reduce permitted floor space of shop and convert store into a one-bedroom apartment; realign access to The Post House, Micheldever Shop, Church Street.

New Alresford

19/02653/HOU, Byron Rodwell, internal remodelling of house layout. Alterations to external window openings, The Cedars, 11 Salisbury Road.

19/02815/HOU, Mr P Freemantle, new garden building, South View, 72 Grange Road.

20/00028/HOU, Mr and Mrs Simon Curtis, removal of existing conservatory, single-storey rear extension, single-storey front porch and internal alterations, 18 Corfe Close.

Oliver's Battery

19/02813/HOU, Don Goss, single-storey rear extension, 7 Mount View Road.

19/02823/HOU, Mr and Mrs Hatchard, roof extensions and alterations, addition of first floor accommodation, proposed carport and porch, and alterations to external materials, Compton Lodge, 3 Compton Close.


19/02743/FUL, Mr and Mrs Taylor, barn, Highdown, Twynhams Hill, Shirrell Heath.


19/02726/HOU, Gary Millineaux, convert existing pool house into three-bedroom annex ancillary to existing dwelling,

Oak Tree Farm, Church Road, Newtown.

South Wonston

19/02741/HOU, Craig Hemshall, single-storey rear extension and front porch, Lampuka, 27 Wrights Close.


19/02800/HOU, Mr C Wills, conservatory to the rear, 39 Thyme Avenue.


19/02719/FUL, Mr and Mrs Michael and Lesley Matthews, siting of an Igluhut modular building on land forming a smallholding to the north of Southwick Road, Wickham Common. Property formerly know as Lost In Time, to be renamed Hollybrook. Igluhut to be used ancillary to the enjoyment of the land, land to the north of Southwick Road, Wickham.

Winchester Town

19/02709/FUL, Samuel Doswell, demolition of existing dwelling and erection of four new dwellings, 167 Romsey Road.

19/02729/HOU, Martine Garabette, single-storey kitchen extension, Crispin Cottage, 2 Travellers End, Weeke.

19/02744/HOU, Mr and Mrs Carl and Charlotte Mciver, two-storey and single-storey extensions (Amended), 1 Cavendish Grove, Abbotts Barton.

19/02768/HOU, Tom Deakin, basement extension; replace and enlarge single-storey rear extension; loft conversion with rear dormer and two rooflights to the front, 6 Elm Road, Fulflood.

19/02771/LIS, Mrs Annabelle Boyes, upgrade of six historic doors on first floor to form fire resistant evacuation route; installation of new emergency lighting; refurbishment of ground floor toilets including installation of stud partitions, The Deanery, The Close.

19/02783/HOU, Mr Harry Williams and Anna Clark, erection of single-storey rear extension, enlargement of existing rear dormer roof extension and insertion of two roof lights in front facing roof slope, 22 St Catherines Road, Highcliffe.

19/02803/HOU, Mr and Mrs Charles and Natasha Groom, demolition of a single-storey rear annex to be replaced with a new single-storey kitchen extension, 21 Edgar Road.

19/02806/HOU, Kate King, new side, rear and roof extensions for first floor accommodation and integrated garage. Demolish existing garage, Merrymead, 2 Lynford Way, Weeke.

19/02851/FUL, Peter Blundy, amendments to application Reference Number: PP-07068444, date of Decision: 13/11/2018, 33 Beggars Lane, Winnall

20/00038/TPC, Magali Reide, tree works, 12 Christchurch Road.

20/00043/HCS, Amy Dales, removal of existing chain link fencing to south and western boundaries replacement with 900mm high steel vertical bar fencing, Royal Hampshire Regiment Museum, Serle's House, Southgate Street.

20/00054/TPO, Mrs Jones, tree works, 44 Bath Place.

20/00059/TPO, Lynddon Blandford, various tree works, The Square, Peninsula Square.