WINCHESTER Cathedral was surrounded by a human chain of campaigner making a stand against Third World debt.

Part of the Jubilee 2000 Coalition, 400 protesters joined hands to form a chain around the cathedral for the first time in its history.

The campaigners banged tambourines and blew whistles to make as much noise as possible in their shout for justice on June 26, 1999.

The Jubilee 2000 Coalition Rally was part of a national campaign to encourage world leaders to wrote off the debts of the poorest countries of the world by the new millennium.

The rally started in abbey Gardens and then marched up the High Street before gathering on Cathedral Green.

Messages of support were read out from the Bishop of Winchester, Professor Stephen Hawking and Hampshire's TV gardener Charlie Dimmock.

One of the organisers, Kevin Fray, said: "I'm pleased how the event has gone. We've got the weather and we've got the people. Today is about the people of Hampshire voicing their support for justice for people in the Third World. If we are to ensure people in the Third World have the basics of food and water we must cancel the debt."