Martin Lewis urged viewers of his popular ITV show to prepare for a major pension deadline.

Advice on the deadline, which will affect 45-70 year-olds, came after a prepared video illustrated the importance of what he was about to say.

Financial journalist Martin Lewis revealed the advice on tonight's live episode of The Money Show with him focussing on pensions.

Martin Lewis reveals urgent deadline for state pension boost

The Money Saving Expert revealed on the ITV show that many people are missing years of contributions from their state pensions, potentially limiting how much they will receive.

The time left to plug all of these gaps for some is fast approaching as from April 6 those wanting to get the most from their state pension will only be able to buy back six years.

This means that if one of your working years is not counted as a full year of contribution, you will only be allowed to preemptively fill six of these.

By filling in as many of these as possible, you could be in for thousands more in your state pension.

The financial expert urged those watching to check their National Insurance record for the full years they've contributed, the money paid in and how much they are likely to receive.

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How to buy more state pension years amid fast approaching deadline.

Martin Lewis said that if you have gaps in your contribution from 2006 to 2017, you must decide soon if you will plug these.

If you are closer to the state pension age, you have less time to decide what to do.

The expert said if you're just one week short of a full year you could buy this for as little as £15 to receive the full benefits of your pension.

However, Martin Lewis warned contributors not to solely rely on these examples. He told viewers to contact the government's free Future Pensions Centre for a "bespoke" assessment to see if doing this is worthwhile.

The Martin Lewis Money Show Live airs on ITV1 and ITVX.