Martin Lewis was left with his head in his hands as he delivered some cost saving tips on ITV.

Appearing on Tuesday’s edition of the Martin Lewis Money Show the consumer expert was visibly frustrated as he spoke of people missing out on energy bill support.

Households in England, Scotland and Wales that don’t use main gas and use alternative heating fuels, such as heating oil, biomass boilers or LPG, can get an additional £200 of support on top of the £400 from their energy supplier for electricity.

Speaking on the show, Martin said: “That long promised £200 energy support cost of living payment was started to be paid out yesterday and I'm told it should finish being paid out this month.

Basingstoke Gazette:

"It is automatically paid through your electricity supplier unless your fully off grid and don't have electricity, in which case, you will need to apply later in February.

"Those on pre-payment you'll get vouchers. They'll email you, they'll post it or they may text you about it so watch out for that."

However, he had his head in his hands as he shared news of people leaving up to £400 of energy bill support on the table.

Martin said: "So many people haven't redeemed their vouchers on the £400 on pre pay. 20% of often the most vulnerable people haven't redeemed them and it's absolutely tragic for October and November.

"These are extra vouchers on top so watch out for that."

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