Building not right

Dear Editor,

Recently when passing the Andover Hospital I noticed that part of the front lawn has been dug up, then in last week’s Advertiser you showed a photo of a new health centre which will be built there.

How did this new building pass planning? It looks absolutely monstrous and to attach it to the frontage of our hospital is criminal.

Rose Duggan, Charlton


Celebrate kindness

Dear Editor,

A hard knock on your door late at night is somewhat unusual in pandemic Britain let alone Andover. Regrettably, a fellow Andoverian was in the unfortunate position of being homeless and had little idea of what to do. Fortunately, the out of hours officer and housing duty officer at Test Valley Borough Council leapt into action and within the hour had sorted out some temporary accommodation. Many thanks to them for their prompt and efficient action.

The night was still young when our fellow Andoverian arrived at the designated hotel. They felt desperately thirsty but not having a credit card they could not access any of the drinks on the outside vending machine. Step up a kind gentleman who was outside having a fag. He kindly popped up to his room, got his credit card and purchased a Coke for our fellow Andoverian. Many thanks for being a Good Samaritan.

Too often we hear about the bad things in life. Yet we should be spending more time celebrating kindness and humanity.

Cllr Luigi Gregori, Charlton Road, Andover


Camera’s control

Dear Editor,

Following my last letter, sharing how the virus situation is holding us back, well photography has also been a delight, probably helping many other folk too.

Almost anyone can take a snap these days, using mobile phones as well as cameras. The technology helps to share visions, nature and friends or family too. The summons of a full moon, sky twitters from flying birds and spring colours beckons.

The Andover Advertiser provides topics to focus on each month. Last week I felt privileged to see Chaz Clark win the picture of the week, with his description too! There were many photos to view from this camera club and anyone else wishing to share their finds. Of course qualified photographers can display their art but more can share delights such as a kingfisher skimming, down to the lake. Swans arching their long, curving necks with pride. Ducks having spring find them mates to set up a long row of delightful and delicious ducklings.

Christmas brings snow and tinsels, autumn fluttering colours of brown, gold and auburn leaves. Winter, well wait and see. So, if you can’t see, you can listen to birdsong, chuffing train engines and quacks galore.

Sharing can also open our minds with nature’s imagination. Sight, sound, aroma, touch and perhaps a taste, a taste of strawberries, blackberries and oranges can raise our feelings of more to follow, as spring is beckoning to control the virus power, as it leaves our nature and time.

Linda Price, Fyfield


Site a disgrace

Dear Editor,

Over the past year I have spent many exercise walks along the old railway track South from Anton Mill Road in Andover towards Rooksbury Mill. I am sure many people have also noted the delelict and vandalised former Hampshire County Council Computor Suite building to the West of the path near Mead Hedges. Surely, apart from being a disgrace to the town, this site could make a considerable amount of money for the cash strapped County Council as in my view it would be a prime site for an extension to the adjacent flats in Bentall Place. What do other readers think?

David Lindsell, South View Gardens, Andover


Drivers, have some sense

Dear Editor,

There has been an article in the Andover Advertiser recently regarding pollution in and around the A303 and in Andover generally. I live in Anna Valley which has very good air despite being near the A303.  However, the pollution increases incredibly when the children go to school or are picked up by people leaving their cars running. I have even seen a car left running whilst a mother waits at the bus stop just on the other side of the road with her children !!!  How ridiculous.  The same happens when they pick their children up. Surely if they had any sense they would realise that this pollution is affecting their own children as all the other children. I should also add that there seem to be lots of people who just leave their cars running outside their houses and workmen in vans -  ideal for thieves - and of course increased pollution.

We also seem to have an epidemic of parking on the pavements.  Do these people have no considerable for the elderly and for mothers with young children who have to risk life and limb to walk in the road.

A message to everyone with a vehicle - have some sense and consideration for others.

Joy Preston, Anna Valley


Trip down memory lane

Dear Editor,

I recently googled the Andover Advertiser as I had heard about the death of Miss Audrey Francis, my form mistress during the years 1958 to 1963 at the Andover County Girls Secondary Modern School. It was then that I came across the name of ‘Langdown’  followed by the names Janet and Margaret whom I knew from schooldays, and it was not so long ago that I had been looking at old photos and came across one of me astride Margaret’s pony “Seagull” taken at the first Andover gymkhana, held at the Andover aerodrome, almost opposite the entrance to her father’s farmstead on the A303. I only knew their mother as Mrs. Langdown as, in those days we never addressed adults by their Christian names! I usually saw her each morning during term times, when I called at the house to meet Margaret and walk to school together. What a long life she had and I hope it was a generally happy and healthy one. Now, in old age, such memories come back when you come across old names you once knew and maybe wished you had kept in contact with - (

Linda Smith nee Niblett, Banstead, Surrey


Shame on Sunak

Dear Editor,

So, Rishi Sunak once again gives away £20 a week to those on universal credit and helps out his business pals but yet again neglects those on JSA and ESA for the extra support.

They have to live through the pandemic too you know!

What a slap in the face to some of the most vulnerable in society!

Shame on you Sunak and shame on Boris too for backing him.

They won’t be using food banks to survive will they!

They will probably spend more on coffee lunches than some do on grocery shopping.

Geoffrey Brooking, Havant