An Andover barber and martial artist has been praised after he pledged the proceeds of a new venture to a special needs school.

Norman Gate School, located on Vigo Road, will benefit from the sale of a t-shirt designed by Michael D’aguiar, who works at Rigby’s barbershop.

The school hopes to put the funds towards the cost of fitting out a sensory room for students, which provides a variety of different sensations to provide a stimulating environment.

The idea first came about when Michael contacted them with the idea, having launched his brand ‘Jack of all Fades’. As part of his work at Xion Gym in Picket Twenty, one of his colleagues has a daughter, Saulo, who attends the school, he decided he wanted to "help raise some things for a cause close to home for me."

He told the Advertiser: "Especially after such a mad year, we could all do with getting together a little bit. This year's been an easy one for us all to forget to have each other’s backs."

Michael designed a T-shirt, emblazoned with the words “life’s better together” on the back, with a heart motif containing the brand logo.

He said: “I wanted to have a brand that can give back to my community locally. Money has never driven me, but making something that matters has, so I wanted to create a brand that can raise money for different charities, schools and hospitals all whilst tying in with what I believe in.”

With the proceeds, the school plans to equip the sensory room with a range of equipment including an LED bubble tube, LED projector, mirrors and a music touchwall, alongside others.

Nick Day, the school’s acting headteacher, said: “The sensory room will benefit our children enormously in terms of their learning, development of motor skills, communication and interaction, physical health, wellbeing and relaxation.

“It will be an excellent addition to the sensory studio – an occupational therapy based facility funded by our amazing PTA the Norman Gate Friends Association. We really appreciate everyone’s support.”

Anyone wishing to support the appeal can purchase the t-shirt by heading to: