The latest Covid-19 test results show that cases in Test Valley are on the decline, with a case rate dramatically below the English average.

In the week leading up to November 19, Test Valley recorded 128 cases, a fall of 10 from the week before, with a rolling rate of 101.5 cases per 100,000 people.

Test Valley is also broken into smaller geographic areas, known as MSOAs, or Middle Layer Super Output Areas, which are smaller, postcode-linked areas that are used for a range of government statistics.

Breaking down the cases over the week up to November 19 by area, Andover Newbury Road, which encompasses parts of River Way and Roman Way, has the lowest number of cases in the entirety of Test Valley.

Rates here are given as suppressed, meaning that because there are less than three cases over the period, the exact number is withheld to protect the privacy of anyone with a case in that area.

Tidworth and Ludgershall had the next lowest rate at 33.2 per 100,000, with only six cases during the week. This is a significant decrease on the week before, dropping by almost 74 per cent.

Andover South, however, had less cases, along with Chilbolton, Clatford and Barton Stacey, which both had five cases each.

The local area with the most cases in that seven day period was Andover London Road and East Anton, with 21 cases and a rate of 123.8 per 100,000 people. This was still, however, much below the English average of 230.3.

As of Tuesday, November 24, Test Valley had reported 1,440 positive cases of Covid-19.

Here’s the cases and rates over the week to November 19 broken down by each MSOA, with numbers first, and rates in brackets:

Andover London Road & East Anton – 21 (123.8)

South Wonston, Sutton Scotney and Micheldever – 14 (238.2)

Over Wallop & Shipton Bellinger - 12 (165.4)

Nether Wallop, Kings Somborne & Dunbridge – 10 (128.6)

Whitchurch & Ashmansworth - 10 (140.2)

Overton & North Waltham – 9 (131.8)

Andover Charlton & Bourne Valley – 9 (127.6)

Andover Central – 7 (87.4)

Andover West - 6 (59.4)

Tidworth & Ludgershall – 6 (33.2)

Chilbolton, Clatford & Barton Stacey – 5 (95.0)

Andover South – 5 (62.0)

Andover Newbury Road - less than 3 cases