ONE of Andover's most famous faces is preparing to set out on a mammoth challenge to become the first person to stand-up paddleboard around Great Britain.

Jordan Wylie, a Pride of Andover winner who came to fame as one of the hunters on Channel 4's Hunted, will set off on the 2,000-mile journey at the end of this month.

And this is not the first time that the 36-year-old British Army veteran has undertaken an epic adventure. In recent years, Jordan has run through the three most dangerous countries in the world, rowed the most dangerous stretch of water on the planet, and was well on his way to completing marathons at the ten coldest places on Earth before his plans were scuppered by the coronavirus outbreak.

The expedition will be sponsored by Andover-based Angel Call Handling, owned by Sarah and Angela.

Jordan told The Advertiser: "To work with Angela and Sarah is a real honour, these lovely ladies and their business have so much passion, positive energy and drive and these are all traits I will need ot be successful in the Great British Paddle.

"I am super grateful to the team at Eton Harris and Chartercross, they have been like a family to me and the fact I get to work with them every day is a real privilege.

"They are the reason I am able to visit so many schools, cadet units and youth organisations and share my experiences to help others. I will fly their flag proudly as always."

Jordan says he is on a mission to inspire young people by building a school for refugees on the Horn of Africa that have been displaced by conflicts in Yemen and Somalia. He hopes his latest challenge will contribute to the £100,000 he has already raised in the last 12 months to finish the build.