I would just like to raise to the attention of the people of Andover the recent actions of our Mayor and the Chairman of the town council, Councillor Richard Rowles.

I find it unbelievable, disgusting and quite frankly astonishing, that straight after his recent return to the appointment on a six to five vote (so extremely marginal) that he took to Facebook and posted that any members of the Andover public with a complaint could leave a message on his new complaint line of '0121 do one'.

This man is getting paid money that we all contribute to, how can this be right? Quite frankly I am lost for words that our Mayor and a public official is happy to tell the people of Andover that don't agree with him to 'do one'.

His rhetoric about standing up for himself is wonderful but he has failed to see that he should be representing the people of Andover and not himself, that is the duty of public office surely?

'0121-do-one' – this, people of Andover, is what your council is funding as our Mayor.

Unbelievable, or sadly very believable.

Lesley Grear, Heather Drive, Andover