A CAMPAIGNER with a passion for keeping Andover clean has spent the last few days scrubbing down signs in parks and cutting back foliage, after a triple heart bypass last year.

Manuela Wahnon, of Rack Close, said she was sad looking at the “dirty signs” in Vigo Park and decided to do something about it.

She told the Advertiser: “I had taken pictures of the signs in Vigo park and it caused me to clean. I thought if I cleaned the signs it would all look beautiful.”

Manuela started tackling the signs from 4.30am until 11.30am last Thursday after cutting back foliage and sweeping up weeds.

She continued: “I cleaned 11 signs in the last two days and have used three and a half bottles of bleach in two days to clean it up. The buckets of water are from my home and I walk all the way back to get fresh water once I have run out. I used 12 buckets of water in the last two days.

“Vigo Park, Rack Close and East Street were all hard work.”

The 74-year-old suffered from a triple heart bypass where six arteries needed sorting out in October 2019.

“I was getting so ill. If it was not for Councillor Ian Carr [former leader of the borough council], I would not have known I needed medical attention for my heart. I couldn’t breathe or do anything.

“I need to give thanks to the NHS for letting me live again. If I can be out there doing my bit for the community, we can all do a little bit more.

"Everyday when I wake up before I go to the loo, I think I have been given another day to live and have to do something.

"I am hoping I can inspire and lead by example. I would also like to thank Emma Wykes and her staff at Test Valley Borough Council environmental services for all the help they give me whilst I am out and about," she added.

Manuela's work led her to become Andover's most-famous litter picker - she even received a commendation from David Cameron and won the 48th point of light award.

She has spoken in 98 per cent of schools in Test Valley and was planning on speaking at Romsey Abbey Primary School but it was cancelled.

For more information about Manuela, go to www.attitudeofgratitude.co.uk.

You can access her blog here.