THE MP for North West Hampshire has ‘made the views of constituents clear to the whips office’ following calls for Dominic Cummings to resign.

Senior government advisor Cummings had faced calls to step down after driving 260 miles from London to Durham, while lockdown restrictions were in full swing and as he and his wife displayed coronavirus symptoms.

A recent poll run by the Advertiser showed that two thirds of respondents thought Cummings should resign, while residents have also contacted Kit Malthouse, the MP for North West Hampshire, to voice their opinions on the issue.

Mr Malthouse says he understands those frustrations and has made the views of residents clear to Conservative Party chiefs.

He told the Advertiser: "I completely understand people’s frustration and anger on this issue.

“I know families have not been able to attend funerals or visit sick and dying relatives in hospital. Indeed we haven’t been able to visit my parents, and my 84-year old mother in-law who lives alone in Canada is suffering terribly under their lockdown.

“Be assured that I have made the views of my constituents clear to the whips office.

“I’m sure people will make their own judgements of Mr Cummings’ actions following his detailed explanation but the sight of people jostling to confront him outside his home, where his four-year old son was undoubtedly inside, was dispiriting.”

Mr Malthouse also looked to move the focus to the future and the ‘urgent tasks ahead’ as the phased easing of lockdown restrictions continues.

“We have turned a corner on coronavirus,” he added. “Here in North West Hampshire, by working together we have flattened the curve and our local hospitals have stayed well within capacity. Andover War Memorial Hospital has remained Covid-free throughout.

“I hope we can now refocus on the urgent tasks ahead - gradually lifting the lockdown, finding a vaccine and restarting the economy.”

Mr Malthouse has been quizzed further on his response to the situation, but at the time of writing had not provided a response.