I would like to comment on the article in last week's Advertiser 'only use tips if essential' (Advertiser, May 22).

It comments that 'long queues have been forming', which shows there is a public need. What is Hampshire County Council's response? Put up a sign saying, 'no parking beyond this point'.

What are people meant to do if they can't join the queue? Why not sign a queue along the south side of Livingstone Road, which would not impede traffic?

Also the article states, 'if severe congestion continues... we will have to consider closing sites'. It also says, 'each site is currently open for reduced hours'.

There is obviously a public need for the service so it would make more sense to extend the opening hours back to the normal summer timings. Anything else is likely to increase fly-tipping which which is harder to deal with.

David Atkins, St Hubert Road, Andover