THE DEATH toll from coronavirus in hospital Hampshire has exceeded 200, latest NHS data shows.

In the previous 24 hours, another 24 deaths from the virus have been confirmed, bringing the total to 203.

In the 24 hour period before that, 23 more deaths were confirmed.

Six of the newly-announced deaths happened at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, where the toal since the pandemic began is now 55.

There were another eight at University Southampton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and ten at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. The totals there are 53 and 95 respectively.

Meanwhile, at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, who run Frimley Park Hospital near Farnborough as well as hospitals in Ascot and Slough, another 14 deaths were recorded.

There have been a total 139 deaths there.

These deaths only reflect those that happened in hosptials, and does not include care homes or community deaths.

It comes after latest data released by Public Health England yesterday show that there are now more than 1,600 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Hampshire.

The total number rose to 1,645 yesterday, with 1,317 from the Hampshire County Council area. There are 192 cases in Southampton and 136 in Portsmouth.