This is the moment a frustrated NHS worker confronted a group of men drinking in a park behind her house. 

Louise Ann became fed up with the group and went over to speak to them on Thursday, April 9, after calling the police.

The six cyclists were drinking and smoking when Louise approached them.

In the gut-wrenching video, shared to Facebook, Louise told them she worked for the NHS and warned by flouting social distancing measures, they were putting others at risk. 

Basingstoke Gazette:

In the clip, shared to Facebook, Louise approached the group and said: "[I work for the] NHS. 

"My husband isn't working. I have to work overtime all the time.

"I fear bringing [Covid-19] back to my my family every day because of people like you. I have two kids inside."

One of the group responded: "Well don't stand near us, innit." 

Undeterred, brave Louise continued: "You are absolute idiots. Why do you think you're better than everyone else?" 

Her presence filming them seemed to work with some of the group getting up and putting their t-shirts on to make an escape. 

One of the men said: "Stop ****ing recording us right now." 

But Louise did not stop. She said: "No. If you're going to be idiots, I'm going to show the world." 

"Absolute idiots, why you think you're better than everyone else, I've got no idea!"

The group, most of whom are on bikes, then begin to leave the patch of grass.

It prompts the angered nurse to add: "That's it, jog on!"

Louise then tells them to "Go all back to your house in [nearby] Kempshot, I'm sure its a mansion fitting all you turds in it!"

Her jibe prompts one of the teenagers to say, 'Oh f*** off!'

The nurse then continues filming as she waits for the final teenager to leave. 

She tells him: "I'll quite happily stay here until the police get here!"

Five of them cycled off hastily with one remaining in the field, as a dog ran around and a carton of beers remained on the grass.

The video has gone viral on Facebook, getting 44,000 views within four hours. 

Louise responded in the comments: "No sure what came over me, I hate confrontation but I was so cross. Rather embarrassed now." 

Others reassured her that it was the group of men who were the idiots. 

This is not the first time people have seemingly flouted instructions from the government. 

Last week, a group of up to 40 men congregated at Beggarwood Park. It took police two hours to disperse the group but no arrests were made.

The current government instructions is to stay home unless necessary. 

What are the rules on social distancing with friends?

The prime minister Boris Johnson, who is currently recovering in hospital after being struck down with coronavirus, has instructed the public not to socialise with those outside of their household.

The police now have the power to fine people who flout these rules however many police forces - Hampshire Constabulary included - are using an 'explain' process where they stop people and explain where they are going wrong, rather than criminalising their behaviour.

Social distancing is deemed to be important and is limits the spread of Covid-19 by restricting contact among the population.