THIS is the moment masked burglars bungled an attempted robbery of an ATM from a Whitchurch supermarket.

CCTV footage shared online shows a gang of hooded figures fail in their bid to make off with the cash point housed inside the Co-op store in Bell Street during the early hours of Monday morning.

A car can be seen reverse ramming the building, knocking down the front door and paving the way for a transit van – understood to be stolen – to attempt to dislodge the ATM.

A hooded figure then unloads a two chain from the back of the van and scampers into the shop where he seemingly attaches it to the cash point.

But when the van attempts to rip the machine from the shop – it does not budge.

Again and again the van tries to drive off but is violently yanked back. After a number of attempts, the robbers approach from a different angle, but again the ATM remains unmoved.

The chain then breaks as the footage cuts out.

Police have since confirmed reports of an attempt to remove an ATM from a business premises in the town, as well as news that a van was stolen on the same night.

Officers believe the two incidents are linked.

A statement from Hampshire Constabulary read: “An incident of a transit van having been stolen in Whitchurch last night has been reported to the police.

“Another incident of an ATM having been attacked with a view of attempting to remove it from a business premises has also been reported.

“Significant damage to the premises has occurred as a result of the attempt in removing the ATM.
“Police believe these two incidents are linked to each other.”

The transit van has since been located in Overton.

Anyone who may have information that could assist police with regards to the incident should call 101 quoting the crime reference number 44200114493.