Harry Potter fans can now find out what Hogwarts house they belong to and the reults may be surprising. 

So much so, Tom Felton, the actor who portrayed famous Slytherin Draco Malfoy has found out he in fact belongs to rival house Gryffindor.

By joining in with a new nomination challenge, fans can find out more about their friends and family thanks to the Official Sorting Ceremony.

Introduced by Godric Gryffindor, the magical hat’s job is to place Hogwarts students, including Harry Potter himself, where they belong with the result being based on their abilities and skills.

On his first day at Hogwarts, Harry sat beneath the Sorting Hat and was determined to avoid being placed in Slytherin, muttering ‘not Slytherin, not Slytherin.’

Since then, fans have wanted to be Sorted themselves and the Official Sorting Ceremony and the Harry Potter Fan Club app give them the chance to find out for themselves.  

As it’s the first film’s 20th Anniversary, the wizarding world invites everyone to give it a go and to nominate others to try it too and this includes celebrities.  


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Felton challenged good friend, McFly and Strictly star Tom Fletcher, to reveal his Hogwarts House and made the prediction he would be in Gryffindor.

Fletcher took the Sorting Challenge, but revealed he's actually in Hufflepuff.

Tom Fletcher also revealed he and wife Giovanna were extras in the first film but didn’t make it in as they were arguing on the Hogwarts Express.


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What you need to do to get involved

  • Download the free Harry Potter Fan Club app, available to download from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store, and check out the Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony
  • Snap a selfie of yourself wearing the AR Sorting Hat, make a short film explaining why you belong in your house then nominate and tag a friend to join in
  • Using the hashtag #SortingChallenge, share your prediction of where you think they’ll be placed
  • Now sit tight and wait for their reply

It’s not just fans who have been getting involved, Harry Potter actors have tried the challenge and announced their results too.

After taking part, Warwick Davis, who famously played multiple roles within the Harry Potter films, but perhaps is most loved for his ‘swish and flick’ demonstration as Professor Flitwick in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, has revealed he is in Ravenclaw.

Bonnie Wright who played Harry’s eventual love interest Ginny Weasley and Alfred Enoch known for playing the role of Dean Thomas are both Gryffindors, meaning they stay true to their characters.

Tonks actress Natalia Tena, however, was sorted into Hufflepuff after sporting the virtual Sorting Hat. Hufflepuffs are known for their loyalty and hard-working nature.

To date, millions of members of the Harry Potter Fan Club community have been sorted including some more celebrities.


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Among them was actor Jordan Fisher who proudly represents Ravenclaw and chose to challenge his wife, actress Ellie Woods.

Jordan Banjo, Diversity dancer and Kiss FM DJ, nominated Perri Kiely, his co-host and fellow dancer to take on the challenge. Proud Gryffindor Jordan guessed that his best friend Perri would be sorted into Slytherin since the pair are natural opposites.


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The Sorting Hat, however, had other ideas and sorted Perri, a big Harry Potter fan, into Ravenclaw. Perri believes this is down to him being “a little bit witty and a little bit eccentric.”

What traits does each Hogwarts House have?


  • Courage
  • Bravery
  • Determination
  • Daring
  • Nerve
  • Chivalry


  • Resourcefulness
  • Determination
  • Pride
  • Cunning
  • Ambition
  • Self-preservation

Basingstoke Gazette: Jordan Banjo (left), Perri Kiely (top right) and Jordan Fisher (bottom right) (Wizarding World/Canva)Jordan Banjo (left), Perri Kiely (top right) and Jordan Fisher (bottom right) (Wizarding World/Canva)


  • Wit
  • Learning
  • Wisdom
  • Acceptance
  • Intelligence
  • Creativity


  • Hard-working
  • Patience
  • Fairness
  • Just
  • Loyalty
  • Modesty

After last month’s Back To Hogwarts livestream, the Wizarding World is continuing to give fans of al ages a variety of ways to engage with the 20th anniversary celebration of  the Harry Potter and the  Philosopher’s Stone film.


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New exclusive content focused on 20 Magical Moments from the first film will be released every Wizarding Wednesday on the Wizarding World website including games, quizzes and secrets from the crew who brought it to life. 

You can follow the celebrations on social media @WizardingWorld using the hashtags #SortingChallenge #20YearsofMovieMagic.