CONCERNS have been raised regarding the number of accidents reported on a travelator inside a Basingstoke store.

Rooksdown borough councillor Simon Bound witnessed an accident on the travelator in the Waitrose store on August 20, when a woman fell over and reportedly broke her wrist.

He also heard that a boy broke his collarbone earlier in the week on the same travelator and added: “I am very concerned that the Basingstoke store has some serious safety issues built in with the design of the sloping travelator so close to the doors from the car park that are often flooded after it rains. It is important that Waitrose reassures us all that this major entrance to their store is safe.”

Cllr Bound sent a tweet to Waitrose following the accident in the Basing View store, asking if the travelator is safe to use, and said he received a response to say the matter was in hand.

He added: “I think there have been issues with flooding by the front doors. There have been puddles of water that you have to walk through and you get straight onto the travelator. People continue to walk because we are used to walking on a travelator even though the recorded voice asks you to stay still and hold on.

“It’s does get very slippery. It’s a nasty place to fall because you are falling onto metal and glass edges. Part of the issue is that it’s steep. If it’s slippery you are going to go.”

Cllr Bound said he had heard of other accidents on the travelator, and hopes Waitrose will respond to his query, adding: “Is it being dealt with? It’s unusual for me to have heard about so many incidents.”

The £7 million store opened its doors on November 12, last year as part of a combined Waitrose and John Lewis at home shop.

A spokesman for Waitrose said he was aware of the accidents, adding: “We hope both customers are feeling much better. Safety is paramount and we will always look to improve. We have large fixed mats in place for people to wipe their feet before using the travelator as well as signs and audible notification of the system. Our shopping trolleys also fix themselves to the walkway and there are four lifts available to use.”