RESIDENTS are set to learn how a nearby facility is turning food waste into renewable energy for 3,000 homes at an open day this month.

The open day, which takes place between 9am and midday on September 27, will see residents get a sneak peak at the anaerobic digestion process at the Tamar Energy Anaerobic Digestion facility, in Dummer.

The facility takes approximately 30,000 tons of food waste per year – much of which would otherwise end up in landfill – including contents from green recycling bins to supermarket waste unfit for consumption.

Once the waste is taken to the facility, it then goes through a process of anaerobic digestion which sees waste broken down by micro-organisms and converted into energy known as biogas.

Biogas is then used in a combined heat and power plant or cleansed of carbon dioxide before being injected into the National Grid.

The facility produces 1.5MV of renewable energy which is enough to power more than 3,000 homes.

Mat Stewart, Tamar Energy’s director of operations, said: “Although widespread in Europe, anaerobic digestion facilities are still fairly new to most people here in the U.K.

“We’ve generated thousands of units of green electricity at our Basingstoke facility in its first six months, and we’d like to give the local community a chance to find out firsthand how this natural process works.

“Places are limited and must be pre-booked, as we have a strict health and safety policy at all our sites. If the day proves popular, we’ll certainly look to run tours again in the future.”

Further information about the facility and the open day, along with pre-registration, can be found on the facility’s website at or by telephone on 0800 840 1229.