A FORMER Costello School and Queen Mary’s College (QMC) student has finished among the top of his year at university.

Callum Coombs, from Cliddesden, has completed an undergraduate degree in economics at University College London, (UCL), has made the Dean’s list, which honours the highest achieving final year students at the prestigious university.

The list includes those who received the highest marks, first class marks in individual courses or an excellent dissertation.

Callum, 21, said: “I didn’t think my third year results were good enough so when I was told a few months later I was really surprised. My results were good in my second year and the way the degree was calculated I only needed a first in a quarter of third year modules to get a first overall.

“I just wanted to make sure I got a first overall with the position I was in, but the Dean’s List was in the back of my mind.”

As opposed to writing a dissertation, Callum, wrote several essays on various economic subjects, including recessions and central bank independence, which helped him to be recognised for his efforts at UCL.

Professor Mary Fulbrook, dean of social and historical sciences, wrote in a letter to Callum: “I am pleased to tell you that you have satisfied the criteria for the Dean’s list in 2017. This marks you out as among the very best of the students graduating from our faculty and is a tribute to your dedicated and high quality academic work while at UCL.”

“I congratulate you on your excellent academic performance at UCL and wish you well for the next steps in your career.”

The next step after university for Callum is a job at Ernst and Young, where he started working in the assurance service line in September.

He also helps A-level student with economics and hopes, as part of his new job, to revisit QMC and secondary schools to offer university and careers advice.

A keen sportsman, Callum plays table tennis for Queens in the Basingstoke Premier Division and cricket for Basingstoke.