A TADLEY primary school teacher has published her first book.

Kirsten Sowden, who works at Priory Primary School, in Pamber End, has released her first fantasy book called The Lost Son.

The book is aimed at teenagers to give them a family-friendly introduction to the fantasy genre.

Its tale is one of a simple journey which descends into chaos, following the story of Borin and Dannymere who work as mercenaries, guarding the cargo of a wealthy merchant who have no idea they will find themselves right at the heart of a political and magical struggle.

Mrs Sowden said her aim with this book is to encourage a love of reading and writing in children.

The primary school teacher has been in education since 2006. She started as a full time Year 6 teacher but left working in education to have her son Ben.

However, in 2011 she returned working as a part time Year 5 teacher at the end of maternity leave The Lost Son is available on Kindle via Amazon. To read the book, go to amazon.co.uk/Lost-Son-Kingdom-Books-Book-ebook.