A SIX-YEAR-OLD has started his own creative way to raise money for this year’s Children in Need.

Harry Pedley, who lives in Tadley, decided that he wanted to get involved with this year’s fundraising in a different way.

After noticing what was going on when he was at school in Burnham Copse, he told his parents that he wanted to draw pictures to raise money.

Harry’s dad Lee Pedley said: “Harry came home and explained to me and my wife that he wants to help raise money for Children in Need, so we asked him how he was going to go about doing it.

“He came up with the idea after deciding that as drawing is what he is good at, he would draw pictures for people when they donated money.”

So far, Harry has received more than 30 requests for pictures, from all over the country.

Once Harry receives a request, he draws the picture that the person asked for, or he creates one for each individual person with his own design if people do not request anything specific.

Lee added: “It’s been quite successful so far. We have had a good response from our Facebook page, which has more than 100 likes now, and we are getting many different requests from a lot of different people. It is wonderful to see him get involved and do what he likes to do to benefit a good cause.”

At the time of going The Gazette going to print, Harry has raised a total of £239 for the children’s charity, smashing his original target of £100, and is now just seeing how high the total can go.

Lee added: “We are really proud of him and pleased as punch that he is getting involved and doing so well. He is really pleased with how it is going.”

To request a drawing from Harry, get in touch on Facebook by searching for ‘Pictures for Pudsey’, on Twitter @pictures4pudsey or at justgiving.com/picturesforpudsey.