PLANS have gone in to build 12 homes on farmland in between a town and a village.

An application has been submitted to build the affordable housing development on agricultural land to the east of Pamber Heath Road, between Tadley and Pamber Heath.

The development would consist of five two-bedroom houses, three three-bedroom and four one-bedroom flats, all classed as affordable housing.

A planning statement from the developer Hastoe Housing Association states: “Future occupants will come from other properties within the Pamber Parish. There will therefore be no increase in the population within the Emergency Planning Zone [relating to the AWE Aldermaston site].”

The proposed entrance to the site would be via a new road constructed off of Pamber Heath Road with a green buffer proposed to ‘retain the character’ of the road.

The housing proposal has undergone extensive public consultation and liaising with Pamber Parish Council and Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, prior to a planning application being submitted.

The report adds: “It is considered that the proposed development represents a sustainable form of development that will provide a 100 per cent affordable housing development that respects the tree-lined character of Pamber Heath Road, ensures a high standard of amenity for both existing and future residents, without harm the surrounding highway network and any environmental interests including potential impacts on public health.

The report adds: “The proposed dwellings will be of a design and appearance that will positively reflect the variety within the surrounding area and will be highly energy efficient.

“The development will utilise the existing access thereby retain the extensive green buffer to Pamber Heath Road. The scheme and will provide an extensive green buffer to the north, east and south ensuring the development respects the surrounding fields, woodland and countryside.”

The application is due to be decided on by Wednesday, 15 November.

For more information and to comment, go to and search using the reference code 17/02723/FUL.