A BOY who named a housing development in Hook was invited to visit the site after winning a competition.

The creative former pupil at Hook Junior School, Amar Jheeta, 11, chose the name of the David Wilson Homes’ Oakwood Grange development in a competition hosted by the school.

The homebuilder asked pupils at the school for their help and ideas for naming the new development on Griffin Way North.

After almost 100 entries were submitted and Amar won with his suggestion of ‘Oakwood Grange’ which was inspired by the amount of trees in the area.

Amar’s winning name will now be used on all of the development’s signs and promotional material.

His father, Bob Jheeta, said: “We are very proud of Amar, he always complains he never wins anything so certainly won on a large scale this time. The idea behind how he came up with the name is certainly original and has a nice ring to it.

“It was a good idea to involve the local children and raise the profile of the development. For Amar to have been an integral cog in naming the development is great - he leaves his own small legacy in Hook.”

Among the entries, pupils considered the town’s history, landmarks and famous people when choosing their entries.

Amar, who now attends Robert May’s School was presented with a £25 book token as thanks for his excellent suggestion and has since been to visit the development and see what progress it has been making.