RESIDENTS from a Tadley care home shared in the Christmas spirit as they welcomed children from a local nursery.

Barchester’s Cherry Blossom care home, in German Road, acted as the venue for children from the Happy Faces Nursery’s Christmas Show.

The children’s production was part of a national campaign of intergenerational sessions, which aims to get elderly people interacting with the younger generation.

All the children were involved, and refreshments were supplied by Cherry Blossom along with raffle prizes.

All the residents had a great morning, with some of the residents who haven’t left their rooms for a period of time coming out to interact with others.

At the end of the performance, all the residents said: “Thank you to all the Children at Happy Faces for the lovely show you were all stars.”

Cherry Blossom has built up an excellent reputation within its local community. The home regularly holds events and activities for its residents and surrounding neighbours.

General manager, Gigi Despojo said: “We endeavoured to give each of our residents something that they could really be excited about in the run up to Christmas and have had lots of treats for the people who live here and their guests.

“I am pleased that we could attend something like this for our residents and it is clear that everyone has really enjoyed the morning.”

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