AN EXPLETIVE-ridden, threatening email sent anonymously to an ex-council employee is being investigated by police.

The email, from an encrypted and purposely difficult to trace address, was sent to former lawyer at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council Kuldip Channa who quit the authority in July last year.

The email sent in November last year read: “we know you are trying to f*** up Basingstoke but remember your baby is still here so just f*** off or suffer the pain only a mother can experience”.

This appears to be in in reference to Mrs Channa's son who works for the authority.

It was sent to Mrs Channa’s personal email address on November 30 last year, after The Gazette ran a story about bullying allegations within the law and governance unit made by a former employee of the unit.

Mrs Channa said: “After having resigned with no job to go and trying to leave my employment with respect and dignity and following the Basingstoke Gazette reports about the state of legal services at the council, I was sent this malicious communication threatening my son.

“I had nothing to do with the press reports but clearly someone wrongly assumed I had.”

The Gazette can confirm Mrs Channa was not the source for the initial story in this newspaper, though she echoes the sentiments raised in that article.

Thames Valley Police has confirmed it is investigating the matter as a ‘nuisance message’ with investigations ongoing.

No arrests have been made in connection with the investigation with those with any information asked to call 101.

Mrs Channa made a complaint to the borough council, alleging the email came from someone within or connected to the authority, arguing no-one else would both have access to her personal email address and the motive to not want to see negative publicity about the borough council.

The authority vehemently denies the email came from anyone within or connected to the borough council and it has conducted a thorough investigation.

A spokesperson for the borough council said: “To receive such an email must have been shocking and quite rightly the individual reported the matter to the police for them to deal with.

“The council also conducted a comprehensive investigation into a complaint alleging that the recipient believed that someone connected with the council had sent the email.

“This found absolutely no evidence that this was the case.

“Under the council’s well-established complaints procedure the investigation report was sent to the complainant and if the individual is not content with the outcome they can refer the matter to the Local Government Ombudsman, who is wholly independent of the council, for independent review.

“A copy of the investigation report was also sent to the police.

“Clearly if anyone has any information that can assist in this matter they should contact the police.”

In the wake of the initial Gazette article, the same email address,, also sent a series of emails to a Gazette reporter, attempting to move him along from reporting on the law and governance unit, promising tip offs on other stories.

However, despite reassurances of preserving confidentiality, the correspondent would not reveal their identity or further information on their tip offs.

In a submission which was to be presented to a special meeting of the borough council’s HR committee held last month, Mrs Channa wrote: “No one can imagine the distress and damage of having your child threatened.

“It is insurmountable.”

The statement produced by Mrs Channa was not formally presented to the public part of the meeting.

Mrs Channa's now employer also received an email in December from another encrypted email address, attempting to discredit her by accusing her of impartiality.

Gazette reporters have also received emails from this address,, attempting to influence stories being reported on.