SCHOOLS across Hampshire have been put on alert after reports of 'unwanted videos' shared on social media.

Hampshire Police has confirmed to have launched an investigation after some explicit videos of a child were shared on social media.

A spokesman for Hampshire Police said the investigation is still at an early stage and further details about the incident cannot be released yet.

But he added: "We are in the process of conducting a thorough investigation and are speaking to a number of young people in connection with this incident.

"The teenage girl involved is being supported by specialist police officers and partner agencies. As an investigation is ongoing, we remind people not to speculate - especially on social media - as it may compromise the investigation."

Hampshire Police did not confirm where the incident happened but said that schools across the county have been alerted.

A statement that a Hampshire school sent to parents says: "We have recently received a number of reports by students across the school of receiving unwanted messages, images and videos through Instagram. My advice is to block this user and delete any communication that you might receive and definitely not to engage in any conversation or exchange.

"We have passed this information on to the police and they will investigate this user account to ensure it is closed down."

Police are now advising youngsters to delete the video immediately if they receive it on any social media platform including Snapchat, Instagram or WhatsApp and speak to a trusted adult.