THE presentation of the Creativity Award was undoubtedly the most poignant moment of this year's A Place to be Proud of Awards.

Izita Kerr, a generous and enthusiastic printmaking teacher who worked with a number of people in the community, was the judges' choice in this category.

Sadly, Mrs Kerr lost her battle with cancer last month, aged 61, and so it was her husband Ian who came forward to pick up the award on her behalf.

Speaking after the ceremony, Mr Kerr said: "Izita would have been pleased as punch to have won, and very proud. I am sure she is looking down on us laughing tonight.

"The whole family is very proud of her and I was delighted to accept the award on her behalf.

"Izita worked with a wide variety of people, from children in schools right up to elderly people in homes. She just loved art and sharing her passion for it with others."

Mrs Kerr, who lived in Oakridge, did a lot of work with Hampshire County Council, and her passion for art enthused a large number of her pupils, many of whom went on to study art more formally.

In addition to this, she worked on the Sightlines Festival in Basingstoke and had her work exhibited in Europe, her native South Africa and the Far East.

Mrs Kerr - who specialised in etching, paper pulp-making and lithography - also received awards for her work from British Art and Humanity and the Printmaking Council, and won the FK Bert Paper Prize and the Erasmus European Study Abroad Award.