THE UK’s oldest organ donor Nicholas Crace celebrated his incredible achievement by throwing a summer party for the people that have helped him along the way.

The 83-year-old hit headlines around the world in April after becoming the country’s oldest altruistic kidney donor.

On Saturday Mr Crace paid tribute to the doctors and nurses from the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, where the operation was conducted, as well as fellow organ donors. He organised a party on the front lawn of his home in The Lynch, Overton.

And since donating his kidney – to someone he did not know – the pensioner said he feels better than ever.

He said: “I have never felt better – I am still fighting fit. I wanted to do something for the wonderful staff at the Queen Alexandra renal transplant service who are all brilliant. I couldn’t praise them more highly.”

At the lunch, which featured music from the Tadley Concert Brass band, Mr Crace admired the handiwork of his transplant surgeon Sam Dutta carving up a spit-roasted lamb.

Mr Dutta, 46, from Fareham, said of Mr Crace: “Having an 83-year-old wanting to donate was incredible.”

After months of physical and psychological tests, Mr Dutta conducted a two-hour operation to remove Mr Crace’s kidney.

Mr Crace, who has donated blood 57 times, said he decided to donate his kidney after Brigid, his wife of 57-years, died last year.

Fellow altruistic donor, Joanna Kozubska, 66, from Salisbury, praised Nicholas’s decision and said he has helped highlight the need for more organ donors.