AS moves for world peace go, it may be a little unusual.

But a large rock has come to Whitchurch on its way to a “peace garden” in north America.

The rock, from a bluestone quarry, is of the same stone as the sacred stones in the centre of Stonehenge and will eventually end up on the border between Canada and America, at the International Peace Garden, where it will create a “circle of friendship”.

Graham Burgess, from Whitchurch, has arranged for it to travel across the country to be touched by hundreds of people as a way of spreading friendship.

Mr Burgess said: “Other rocks from all over the world will end up in the International Peace Garden. It’s about focusing people’s attention on what’s important in life.”

The rock has already been to Swansea, Cardiff and Salisbury and is at the Millennium Green in Whitchurch until October 9, when it will be transported by lorry to Waltham Abbey.

Its journey is being paid for by donations.

It will travel to the peace garden next year. This was created in 1932 by Henry Moore, a foreman at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew who subsequently moved to Canada.

Mr Burgess also became a foreman at Kew. He said Mr Moore was the inspiration to make dreams happen.

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