A BASINGSTOKE mother-of-five hanged herself after struggling to deal with the breakdown of her relationship, an inquest heard.

Shanie Bagan, 35, was found at her home in Abbey Road, Popley, at around 4.30pm on Sunday, May 6, by her husband Josh Bagan and her friend Zoe Bagshawe.

An inquest at Alton Magistrates’ Court heard the cause of death was asphyxiation, although “elevated” levels of amphetamines and a prescribed painkiller were also evident in toxicology tests.

Miss Bagshawe told the inquest she received a phone message from Mrs Bagan on the morning of May 6, in which she said she had argued with her husband.

Later, Miss Bagshawe and Mr Bagan went to search for the 35-year-old after Mr Bagan expressed concerns that she might “do something stupid”. They found her hanged in the porch area of her house.

Miss Bagshawe told the court Mrs Bagan and her husband had split up months before her death, and that she had taken an overdose in April this year. She added: “She had good days and bad days, and on good days she was fine and on bad days she was very down.”

The inquest also heard from Dr Paul Warren, consultant psychiatrist, who said Mrs Bagan had sought help for depression since the end of 2010.He added: “There was a big reactive element to that depression. The external circumstances for her were quite distressing at times and quite difficult.”

Andrew Bradley, Coroner for North East Hampshire, recorded a verdict of suicide. He said: “Shanie was a much-loved mother, daughter and sister.
“It’s a desperately sad matter for a lady who clearly had mental health problems, but they were also aggrava-ted by her environment and her relationships.”