HER beaming smile was a joy to behold – and while it only lasted a matter of minutes, there’s no doubt that Danielle Harrison will remember the day she was an Olympic flame torchbearer for the rest of her life.

Hundreds of people lined Weyhill Road, in Andover, to see 12-year-old Danielle running with the iconic torch last Wednesday afternoon.

The Everest Community Academy pupil was joined by dozens of family and friends who provided plenty of vocal support as she was passed the flame. Mark Harrison, 51, who works for a software company, nominated his daughter, who is a young ice skating star, to be a torchbearer.

The delighted dad said: “It was a great experience for her and one that she will always remember.”

Her mum, Pam, 47, who was watching with Danielle’s brother and sister, Nathan, 15, and Kirsty, 19 told The Gazette she was really proud of Danielle’s achievement.

“She did really well to get the chance to carry the torch,” she said.

While pupils from Everest Community Academy had been barred from having time off to watch the torch relay when it passed through Basingstoke last Wednesday lunchtime, 27 students and five members of staff from Everest were on the sidelines to cheer Danielle as she sprinted along her 300-metre relay leg in the sunshine.

Danielle’s PE teacher Adam Rosser said: “It’s a very big deal for the school and we’re all very proud of her. Lots of Dani’s friends wanted to come along and support her.”

The flame travelled to Andover after going through Basingstoke on route to Salisbury on Day 54 of its 70-day tour of Great Britain After completing their leg of the relay, Danielle and her fellow torchbearers were taken by coach to Andover College, where they were each presented with the torches they ran with.

Speaking about her unique day, Danielle said: “I was more excited than nervous about carrying the torch. I really enjoyed it and ran the whole way.

“I’ll be taking my torch into school for sports day but I don’t know where I’ll be keeping it at home.”

Danielle, from Pendennis Court, Winklebury, Basing-stoke, was chosen to take part in the historic relay because of her dedication to ice skating. She is one of the borough’s top sporting hopes and trains six days a week at Planet Ice, at Basingstoke Leisure Park.

Danielle said: “The skating is going really well at the moment. I’m training a lot and enjoying it.”

Her grandparents John and Peggy Goater, both 75, travelled from Winchester to be part of Danielle’s big moment.

John said: “It is just a joy to be part of it. It’s an amazing experience that I will never experience again.”