SUPERMARKET giant Tesco’s plans to drastically alter the road network around the Brighton Hill Roundabout have been scrutinised by residents.

Borough councillors Carolyn Wooldridge and David Eyre – who was elected last Thursday – organised the public consultation last Saturday in response to radical proposals to convert the Brighton Hill Roundabout into a “through-about”.

Dozens of residents attended the event, at Brighton Hill Community College, with many adamant that the changes did not change their opinion that a new store – which would deliver 350 jobs – is not needed.

Cllr Wooldridge had hoped to get Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to extend the consultation period on the new highway proposals to allow more residents to have their say. However, this was rejected.

Harry Lund, from Cumberland Avenue, Basingstoke, said: “There hasn’t been enough consultation. This is a major change to the original plans and we have asked for an extension so the public can have enough time to understand the changes and the consequence of those changes.

“What information we have had has come from The Gazette. Thanks to this consultation by the Labour councillors, I now know they are planning 15 traffic lights in and around this small roundabout. Therefore, traffic will come to a halt quite frequently.”

Gina Oxer, from Cobbett Green, Basingstoke, added: “My main objection is the vast increase in traffic, pollution and noise. I already cannot have my windows open in the summer due to the noise and it will get worse.”

Ruth Burton, from Cumberland Avenue, is also against the proposals. Ms Burton said: “This is about greed not need. We will have four supermarkets in this part of the town, creating thousands of extra vehicle movements that just aren’t needed.”

Cllr Wooldridge, who represents Brighton Hill North, said: “As a councillor, I will represent the views of residents in Brighton Hill, so it is important that the people living closest get the chance to have their say.”

Simon Petar, corporate affairs manager for Tesco, said: “We are delighted that following discussions with officers, significant progress has been made on plans to improve the road network. These improvements form part of a significant investment in Basingstoke, including 350 new jobs for the town.

“Backing for our plans continues to increase, and we have now received over 700 letters and signatures of support from the local community.”