WATCHDOGS say a private psychiatric hospital in Winchfield needs to improve.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) had two “moderate concerns” after two inspections of the Vista Healthcare Independent Hospital, in Old Potbridge Road.

It was in December last year that the health watchdog twice visited the hospital, which has room for 69 people across six wards.

While the report noted that most patients seemed happy to be there, it said it had concerns about individual care plans for patients and the amount of training staff had in restraining patients.

It found that some of the patients had not signed their own care plans and some care plans were not reviewed within identified timescales.

It added: “Care plans were not developed in formats that enabled all people to understand them; there was limited evidence of person involvement.

“Guidelines for staff to follow when a person becomes anxious or angry are inconsistent and therefore there is a risk of staff not responding consistently.”

Records showed there were 210 incidents between October 2010 and September 2011 where physical intervention was necessary.

The report says limited guidelines could lead to inconsistent responses when physical force was required.

It adds: “People were being put at risk due to insufficient staff being trained in de-escalation and physical intervention.”

The report said the hospital must respond to the CQC’s concerns within two weeks.

The inspections were part of a national review launched after allegations of abuse at a care home in Bristol.

Christine Dyson, registered manager of the hospital, told The Gazette the overall report was positive and that the two concerns were being addressed at the time of the initial inspection.

She added: “We will continue to address the process and ongoing training issues raised.”