A CAMPAIGNING pensioner is celebrating success after a five-year battle to get an historical sign replaced.

Bill Jeram, from Brackley Way, on the Berg Estate in Basingstoke, has been trying to ensure that an ancient site on the small green space on the corner of his road and Pitman Close is marked for posterity.

The site was identified as Bronze Age burial mounds in aerial photographs some years ago but they have never been excavated.

Mr Jeram, who is 77, explained: “We have lived in the area for 45 years and there used to be a sign but it was vandalised and ruined and then replaced by a 'no ball games' sign. That really set me going.

“The site should be properly landmarked because it's about our history from 4,000 years ago.”

To help in his campaign, Mr Jeram spoke to Sue Tapliss, formerly curator at The Willis Museum, in Basinsgtoke, and she in turn got Basingstoke Heritage Society involved. As a result of their combined efforts, Hampshire County Council have finally supplied a sign, designed by the county architect. Barbara Applin, from Basingstoke Archaeological and Historical Association, then provided input on the historical detail it should include.

Mr Jeram said: “It has been a long road and a real challenge because it has taken five years to get the sign replaced - but I am delighted. The new sign is beautiful.”

Debbie Reavell, secretary of the Heritage Society, said: “We were pleased to add our voice to Bill Jeram's request for a good interpretation sign.

“If you walked past this site you would not be aware of its long-ago significance to our ancestors who lived around this area about 4,000 years ago.

“Many people have helped to get this board up - it's been a truly collaborative effort - and we are pleased that Bill Jeram's determination and staying power has been rewarded at long last.”