THE Gazette has launched a campaign to honour the Arctic Convoy heroes who risked their lives for their country during the Second World War.

Roy Dykes, 92, from Whitchurch is one of just 200 survivors left, and has been campaigning for 15 years for his efforts to be recognised with a medal.

But Prime Minister David Cameron has apparently back-tracked on a pledge to honour the men, after promising them in opposition, that if the Tories came to power the veterans would be awarded a medal.

The Gazette believes this is wrong, and is urging everyone to back our campaign by adding your name to an e-petition to put pressure on the Government.

To read the full story see Thursday’s Gazette, which includes a moving account from 92-year-old Mr Dykes of the freezing cold conditions on HMS Honeysuckle and how he tried to save the captain of another ship, which was sunk by torpedoes.

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