A PETITION to get a better broadband connection in Chineham has been started by a local businesswoman.

Lindsay Barker runs a video editing company and often works from home.

But the slow broadband speed where she lives in Chineham means tasks take far longer to carry out.

The 33-year-old said: “Chineham is considered an affluent area of Basingstoke, reflected by house prices and council tax band – so why are we still receiving such poor broadband in the area?

“As a customer, I would be prepared to pay more for an improved service that ranges up to 20mb, but currently object to paying the same amount every month for 1mb speeds as someone receiving 8mb. What other service do you pay for and only receive one eighth of the goods?”

According to research from regulator Ofcom, Mrs Barker and other residents in Chineham are not the only ones paying for a service they do not receive.

Their analysis of broadband speeds in the UK shows that for some services, 97 per cent of consumers do not get the advertised speed.

Ofcom believes this will create a digital divide and inequality where companies not accessing speeds they require to conduct critical business communications will lose out.

BT has been upgrading some cabinets in Basingstoke for people to access faster broadband speeds.

But many areas, such as Chineham, missed out and customers are still stuck with a slow service while paying for much faster speeds than their connection will allow.

A statement from BT said: “Customers will have an individual line speed estimate based upon the unique characteristics of their line before they place an order or re-contract.

“BT gives customers the most consistently accurate prediction of the speed specific to their line. We support Ofcom’s Code of Practice, but want to go even further and are investing in systems to make our predictions even better – and to have them confirmed in writing.”

Chineham borough councillor Martin Bierman said he is also annoyed about the slow broadband speeds.

He said a trench had been dug along Reading Road through Chineham to install fibre broadband cable, but had been told this was for the benefit of businesses in the area rather than residents.

He added: “We suffer the worst broadband speeds in the whole of the UK – any less would be none at all, and frequently is so – and yet we had to contend with the disruption of roadworks and all that means, and then no benefit.”

To sign the Chineham petition visit ipetition.com/petition/ chinehambroadband.