FOLLOWING the success of Basingstoke’s inaugural short-film festival, Red Carpet Screenings is back with take two.

On September 24, Red Carpet Screenings is presenting its short film festival at Central Studio.

It will feature a mixture of award-winning and brand-new short films by local and national film-makers, spanning genres including noir horror, documentary and comedy.

As well as the films, there will be visiting production companies, guest speakers and representatives from film organisations present at the event.

The film-makers will be interviewed about their work in front of the audience before each screening.

Sebastian Hall, the man behind Red Carpet Screenings, said: “The event itself is focused on the creative development of local film-makers, film industry networking and pure unadulterated cinematic entertainment.

“There will also be two promos about films currently in production, including a trailer for a documentary starring Dave Holby about his fundraising row for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.”

Another trailer will promote a series of webisodes which continue the story of award-winning short film Meat, by Mark Brennan, which was screened at the first festival in May.

Brennan, of Pork Chop Pictures, said: “Because of Seb and the festival, we all know each other now. We were in a little microcosm before but now it’s great for all of us.”

Among the evening’s eight screenings are Star Wars spoof Overtime, by Geoff Palmer – which was filmed in Barclays at Churchill Plaza, Basingstoke, in 2008 – and the premiere of its sequel OT2 Time an’ a Half.

Three local film organisations and production companies – Sardine Media, Face TV and Screensouth – will attend the festival to video the event, provide information on equipment hire and production services and inform attending film-makers of funding opportunities available through government and national lottery grants.

Sebastian Hall, who is currently working to launch an international film festival in Basingstoke, said: “We have gone from having barely anything in Basingstoke to becoming a new UK capital of independent films that are being made without government assistance.”

Tickets to attend the festival, which starts at 7.30pm, are £7, or £5 for students – call 01256 418318. More information can be found at