A WOULD-BE transsexual is annoyed that a manager who was suspended over her discrimination claims is now back at work.

The YMCA suspended the manager of the shop in Winchester Street, Basingstoke, after former volunteer Philis King accused her of making derogatory remarks about her in front of colleagues and customers.

But Miss King, who is living as a woman in preparation for a NHS sex change, was never told the outcome and said she was shocked to learn the manager was working there again.

She also discovered that a volunteer who backed her has been sacked for ‘bringing the YMCA into disrepute.’ Miss King, 55, from Moat Close, Bramley, said: “It’s disgusting the way it has been dealt with. I wish to meet up with the directors of the YMCA so that this matter can be resolved properly.”

The sacked volunteer is Sharon Riley, a 48-year-old mother-of-five from Ferndown Close, Beggarwood, who, like Miss King, started working at the shop in May, having volunteered for various charities in the last 15 years.

She said she had not approved of the way Miss King had been treated and had said so. She added: “It’s soul destroying. It’s not like I have done anything wrong. I told the truth and said what I saw.”

Miss King said she would take the matter further, and added: “I will fight tooth and nail. They have caused so much grief.”

She said she was forced out by the manager’s attitude.

A spokesman for the YMCA said in a statement: “We found no tangible evidence to verify the allegations. As a result, the staff member concerned has been cleared and has returned to work.”

The statement said Miss King had been treated fairly and maintained the complaints had been dealt with seriously.

The spokesman also confirmed that a member of staff had been asked to leave.