THE GRIEVING mother of a young woman who fell to her death has launched a campaign to improve safety on footbridges in Basingstoke.

Laurain Mosdell has set up a page on the social networking site Facebook, and started an online petition in memory of her 30-year-old daughter Teresa Kirrage.

Fatally-injured Teresa was found on the Ringway North A339 on Sunday, June 20, underneath a footbridge that connects Oakridge and Popley, after a suspected suicide leap. The mother-of-two died from her injuries later that day.

Miss Mosdell, 48, said that by having taller railings on the footbridges, or by covering them completely, it might prevent people from jumping or falling to the road below.

She said: "I found out that my daughter had fallen on the road rather than the grass verge. It was then that the idea came into my head that she could have caused a major accident on the road.

"Having taller railings, or covering them, would prevent people from jumping and that's what you have got to think about. Even if it just saved one life, then it would be worth it."

Miss Mosdell said taking such measures could also stop people throwing objects on to the road below or stop young children from clambering up on to the railings. She added: "This is about the safety of everybody."

The campaigning mum wants Hampshire County Council to double the height of the railings, which are currently waist high, on at least the two footbridges from Oakridge to Popley, or to provide a covered walkway.

The Facebook page has so far attracted more than 540 members with many members also leaving messages of condolence.

Miss Mosdell, of Hartley Gardens, Tadley, said that if the campaign gets enough support, she would approach the county council.

The campaign has already attracted the backing of borough councillor George Hood, whose Norden ward covers Teresa's former home in Forsythia Walk, Oakridge. Miss Mosdell asked for his help at one of his coffee morning surgeries at the Oakridge Hall For All.

Cllr Hood told The Gazette that higher railings or a cover might prevent accidents on the footbridges, add protection for walkers from strong winds and prevent people from dropping items on to passing traffic.

He added: "Having a covered footbridge would certainly be useful. There's a covered bridge that goes across the M3 because there's always the danger of people throwing objects on to the road."

Teresa, who had a six-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy, grew up in Basingstoke and attended South View Junior School, in Shooters Way, and The Vyne Community School, in Vyne Road, South View.

As previously reported in The Gazette, scores of people tied flowers and messages of condolence to the railings of the footbridge from where she fell.

Around 300 people turned out for her funeral at Basingstoke Crematorium on Tuesday, June 29. An inquest has been opened and adjourned until August 25. The police have confirmed there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.

*To add your support to Miss Mosdell's campaign, visit or search for "get railings higher on bridges in Basingstoke" on Facebook.