AN 89-year-old great-grandfather got the shock of his life when he used the internet to try to find the answer to a crossword clue – only for pages of X-rated pornographic images to pop up on his screen.

Crossword fan Jack Sedgewick, from Roman Road, Basingstoke, was trying to find the answer to a difficult clue in The Sunday Express magazine crossword, and thought he would use the web for help.

But when he typed the two words into search engine Yahoo, rather than finding the answer, he was instead left disgusted by the images that came up on his PC.

The former engineer said: “It has certainly shaken me. It’s terrifying to think that children could be searching other such innocent words and have this come up instead.”

He tried using just one of the words to see if it made a difference, but was bombarded with even more disturbing images.

The grandfather of four, who only started using the internet for help with crosswords in the past few months, eventually found the correct answer of Onager, which is a wild Asian donkey.

But he has been left disgusted by his original findings, discovering a rather different kind of “Asian ass” than the crossword clue was asking for.

Jack said: “I was so annoyed because as soon as I found out the answer I thought: ‘I should have known that’.”