A COUPLE on a luxury cruise liner say they have had enough of |fellow passengers’ pro-tests.

Holiday-makers Elly and Bill Clough, from Ramsdell, were on the Southampton-based Aurora, which was forced to stop for five days in Auckland, New Zealand, last month towards the end of its 93-night world cruise.

Outraged passengers hit the headlines by forming a protest committee after the ship missed five scheduled stops due to engine failure.

But the north Hampshire couple said they are deligh-ted with the treatment they have had from cruise operators P&O.

Mrs Clough, 70, said during their cruise: “I can’t praise P&O highly enough. We stayed on the ship and have been wonderfully looked after and given free drinks.

“It’s been very distressing the way people have gone round forming committees and having signings and going around with yellow ribbons – passengers are literally revolting over it.

“They are compensating us big time but all people want is their money back.”

The couple, of Monk Sherborne Road, Ramsdell, were also on board the 76,000 tonne Aurora in 2005, when P&O cancelled a world cruise due to propulsion problems.

On that occasion, the ill-fated ship travelled no further than the Isle of Wight.

This time, the Aurora missed out five stops, including Wellington and Napier, in New Zealand, as well as the Bay of Islands, Moorea and Tahiti.

In a statement, P&O said the ship had sustained damage to a thrust bearing.

Nigel Esdale, P&O cruises managing director, said: “We greatly value the support and loyalty of our passengers and very much regret the disruption to Aurora’s Word Cruise.

“In recognition of this, we have since offered a compensation package which we believe to be a fair reflection of the disruption.”

The lowest fare for the cruise is £8,599, and the majority of passengers will receive a payment of £500 to reflect ports missed, and a refund of five days’ cruise fare, to reflect the five days spent in Auckland.

Mrs Clough, who has been on the ship since December 20, 2008, to avoid the British winter, said it was different in 2005 because they did not leave British waters. She added: “As far as we are concerned, we are happy with everything they have done for us. We have loved every minute of it.”